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I’m Jenny

As a teacher, I totally get the overwhelm and burn-out. At times, I’ve felt like I was constantly juggling (and not very well) a bunch of balls and then people from every direction were throwing more of them at me. Can you relate?

Many of my teacher friends and clients feel the same way. They’re thinking that the top down mentality in education is causing them to feel undervalued. They’re thinking that the politics and mandates are creating overwhelm. They’re thinking that all the district changes each year, the demanding parents, the increase in student struggles are causing them to feel burnt out.

I used to think these thoughts too. Then I learned some amazing life coaching tools and I was able to shift my mindset and get more control over how I was thinking and what I was feeling. And when I did this, everything in my life shifted for the better. I got control over the overwhelm, burn out, and discouragement. I began to feel empowered, in control, and more joyful at work and in all areas of my life.

Now, I teach these tools and strategies to other teachers because teachers have the most important job in the world and they deserve these incredible tools to improve the quality of their lives.

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